Camp Is Key

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By: Dylan Harrison

New Activities.
New Talents.
New Experience.

Summer camp
[suhm-er kamp]
1. A place to be yourself.
2. A place to explore new activities.
3. Where every Thursday night is like a Bar-Mitzvah #Social.

Whether or not campers know it, these definitions are huge reasons many of them love camp so much.

At camp, campers aren’t judged on what they are not great at. Rather, we praise them for what they thrive in.

“I’m not an athlete”

– Not good at sports? cool.

– Not artistic? cool.

– Oh, but you’re good at dancing? Awesome, you better be on my color war dance team!

– I see your artistic skills belong on the walls of ~Wynwood~ See you in cartooning.

Nobody cares if a camper is not good at something. At camp, we are only concerned with what you are passionate about. Not only do we encourage campers to continue what they love, but also push them to try new things and find new interest. With so many activities throughout the summer, everyone finds something they excel in.

“I’m sick at basketball. They say I’m a young Wade. So I guess I’ll be stuck on the court all summer?”

Woah, woah. Hold on there “Wade”. You’ll be doing much more than one activity…

Beyond finding activities they excel in, campers are exposed to things they would never do on their own.

Ex: Last year yoga was introduced to camp, most boys saw this on the schedule and had no interest (However, I was extremely excited for it). After week one, yoga was a favorite activity amongst boys and girls. (Even “Young Wade” found a new interest!)

Not every camper will come in day one with their niche activity figured out, but when they find where they belong, everyone will take notice (I’ll even give them a high five). With a wide variety of activities from sports to science, there is room for everyone to succeed.

The most important thing is for campers to come into the summer open minded.
As long as a camper comes in willing to try new things and meet new people, this will be their best summer yet.

…Just ask Young Wade.


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