Camp Is Key (2)


Come In,
Get something out.

By: Dylan Harrison

Summer camp
[suhm-er kamp]
1. Where campers gain independence.
2. A place to have new experiences.
3. Where every morning mimics a High School Musical Scene.

Miss Independent

Campers are granted independence that they could not gain anywhere else. Not that they are set free to do what they want (obviously), rather they are in a fun, safe environment where they can make decisions for themselves and deal with daily challenges.

In a stress free environment, campers are able to make decisions that they might not be comfortable making elsewhere. Maybe they will decide to venture off from their friends for a period by choosing a different select. Maybe, they will try a new food. Who knows, it’s up to them.

“And if not old, then maybe new”

Returning campers often come to camp to reunite with old friends from previous years while maybe finding some new too (“Nice alma mater reference.” Oh, why thank you!). As a new camper, this may not be the case. Coming into a new camp and a new group will present the opportunity to make new friends, but this is effortless in the camp environment. Meeting new people and making new friends will teach campers valuable social skills that they will benefit from both immediately and later on in life.

For those that are returning (and those that are new too). There are plenty of other ways that camp allows you to experience independence.

How so?
Well, let me walk you through some examples.

Ex 1: Campers are responsible for their belongings and keeping them organized. Pretty self explanatory, right? But when Young Wade (refer too previous post) loses his towel day two, he’ll learn to put it in the same place every time there after.
And he never lost it again…

Ex 2: Night Owls, You get to make your own beds every morning. Nobody is going to make it for you. “Oh no, it’s a tragedy”. No it’s not. You’ll be fine.

NO, it’s not that hard to do.

YES, counselors will help.

NO, we will not do it for you.

I can speak for myself when I say that this was a new experience for me (yes, I was a Night Owl camper who didn’t make my own bed at home) and I’m sure it will be a new experience for many of you who are new.

“Wow, my camper might actually become organized?!”

– Every parent reading this.

Well, odds are they won’t be Monica Geller by the end of the summer, but they will understand the importance of organization.

Simple tasks such as these will help campers to slowly gain independence. Campers will come out of camp with new experiences that will benefit them throughout their life. Although most campers do not realize this while it is happening, being a former camper myself I can look back and reflect on what camp actually taught me.

Throughout this summer, understand that a mistake is not a bad thing. It is a learning experience. Like Young Wade did, take mistakes and understand why they happened and learn from it. This is how campers will grow, and this is how campers will have a great summer.

East is east and west is west!
Clean bunk beds are the very best!


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