Camp Is Key (3)



By: Dylan Harrison

Summer camp
[suhm-er kamp]
1. Making life long friends.
2. Joining a life long community.
3. Joining life long group chats with said friends.

Five, Ten, Fifteen Years

Why Is it that when you walk around camp, you can look around and easily find people that have been here for five, ten, or even fifteen plus years?
Simple- The unique sense of belonging and community at camp that is unmatched by any where else you may go in life.

“You belong with me” at camp…
– T-Swift

Everybody at camp comes from different backgrounds and have different personalities, but at camp we all belong (cheesy, but true).
As campers (and counselors alike) find their place, (as discussed in previous post) they make new friends along the way. Many of these friends will not go to their school.

Ever hear of the phrase Camp Friends?
Well, thats where it comes from.
(Mind = Blown)

I am still friends with many of my camp friends that I met my first year at camp (when I was 5 years old… wow, I’m getting old). I actually keep in contact with my camp friends more than most of my school friends.
Yea, so that “life long friends” thing… it’s actually real.

What makes these friendships so strong?

Camp Friends don’t bond and become friends over complaining about homework. They don’t bond based on how well they did on a test. No, camp friends build genuine relationships based on shared experiences and interest. This is what makes a camp friendship so strong.

Camps or Community? Hmmm…

Well we all know that the answer is “Camps”. But that doesn’t mean this is a community!

Everybody at camp has the common bond of… well.. being at camp… We all understand the quirks of it.

– Where else in the world can the entire establishment split into two teams, battle all week, pouring everything they have into this battle in order to win. Then, in a matter of the last thirty seconds of this battle, become best friends again?

Boom. Color War.

– Where else in the world can you walk around in a a wig, cape, glitter suit, or whatever else your heart desires and not get a single look of confusion? Actually, people will probably compliment you on your attire.

I will.

Go you.

I’m jealous.

Summer Time Vibes

Walk around camp and you can feel this vibe in the air. It’s mostly a mix of sunscreen and sweat… but when you get past that, there is this distinct sense of community is in the air.
From the youngest campers to the oldest staff members, we all belong to this community.

This is the place where no matter your age, you can still “Play pretend, give each other different names, build a rocket ship and fly it far away”. Or build regatta boats and float them across the pool… same thing.


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