Meet The Staff

Ok, it’s here.

The school year has come to a close and the camp anticipation is at it’s peak. Meet the staff day, it’s an important time. Really, this is one of the few times that parents will have an extended conversation with their camper’s counselors.

First Impressions

This day is all about first impressions.

– Staff is making first making first impressions on parents.

– Staff is making first impressions on campers.

– Campers are also making first impressions on the staff.

As counselors, we are just as excited to meet our campers as the campers are to meet their counselors. However, we are not the only ones making first impressions. Campers are making their first impression on us too so don’t be afraid to talk and tell us about yourself. We want to be able to learn about each of our individual campers. The sooner that happens, the better the summer will be.

Questions are ok

Ask us questions.


I would much rather have a parent ask me questions and be comfortable leaving their camper with me for the summer then having a parent who has no clue what is going on and have many questions that are never answered.

We want you as a parent to be overly confident that we as counselors will be able to watch after your camper all summer. Expressing your concerns can help us reassure you that everything will be ok.

Learn about the counselors

Campers will come home and talk about their counselor “Buddy” and as a parent, you will probably have no clue who “Buddy” is… So on meet the staff day, try to learn the counselor’s names and faces (sometimes we forget so just try…).

For both parents and campers, don’t stop at learning the counselor’s names. Find out where they are from, what they do during the year, etc… Campers often find common interest with their counselors which makes it easier for us to connect with you on the first day.

Knowing more about your camper’s counselor often gives parents confidence in them. It is comforting to know that your counselors are good, nice people and genuinely care about your campers.

We all live ten long months just for these two…
Well, the two are here #Summer16

-Dylan Harrison

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