How To Tie-Dye.



bulls eye

Week two is over!

Wow, “Summer16” is going way too fast.

Week two is often a favorite amongst campers, counselors, and parents alike.

Why, you ask?

Because, this is the week that we tie-dye!!!

Next week, Week Three is “Peace, Love & Camp” when we will all be wearing our new tie dye. So grab a shirt, grab some dye and lets get to work so we can be on fleek in our tie-dye all week!

~Follow these steps in order to max out your tie-dye swag~

White shirt
Tie-dye in a squeeze bottle
Zip-Lock bag

1. Put on gloves.
2. Take your white shirt, lay it out on the table.
3. Pinch it in the middle. pick it up so it looks like a ghost (BOO!) put rubber bands tightly around the shirt about two inches apart from each other.
4. Take your shirt and soak it in a mix of water and soda ash and then ring it out.


5. Place the shirt in a tray, if possible elevate the shirt on a rack in the tray.IMG_0665
6. Take your preferred colors of dye and put one color on each section between the rubber bands. Make sure to get in the creases of the shirt.
7. Put your shirt in a Zip-Lock bag and let it sit for at least twenty-four hours then take the shirt out and the rubber bands off.
8. Rinse your shirt in the sink under cold water for a minute.
9. Put your shirt in the washing machine by itself with a quarter size of detergent. Wash either on a speed cycle or a cold water cycle. When done put in dryer.
10. Now wear your shirt for “Peace, Love, and Camp” week and show off your swag!


-Dylan Harrison


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